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Aircraft Maintenance


Safety is our first priority. We pride ourselves in providing a more personal touch for aircraft owners and operators.

All aircraft require inspections and repairs. We perform FAA required inspections on single engine, multi engine piston, and rotor aircraft.

With our aircraft maintenance services, we get you back in the air quickly without compromising safety. When you trust Mach 5 Aviation for the maintenance of your aircraft, you're putting your investment into the most reliable and experienced hands in the business. 

At Mach 5 Aviation we pride ourselves in exceeding all FAA standards. We are conveniently located near all Sacramento Area airports and offer “valet” service if you want your aircraft picked up and/or delivered!


Mach 5 Aviation provides a full range of services, 7 days a week including the following:


  1. ✦ Annual Inspections

  2. ✦ 100 Hour Inspections

  3. ✦ Repair and Modifications

  4. ✦ Pre-purchase evaluations and inspections

  5. ✦ Callout for emergencies

  6. ✦ Routine maintenance

  7. ✦ Airframe maintenance

  8. ✦ Structural Repairs

  9. ✦ Aircraft Modifications