You take the controls!

This is NOT an airplane ride

it's an actual lesson counted

towards your pilot’s license.

Your certified flight instructor

will coach you through

pre-flight inspection, run up

and taxi to the active runway.

The best part of all is

the feeling of taking the

controls yourself.

For only $159.00

you get the experience of

a lifetime complete with

aircraft, fuel and Flight

Instructor for a full hour.

After you've taken the introductory flight lesson and you discovered that flying is more fun than you have ever dreamed, it is time to earn your Private Pilot Certificate and see the world from a new perspective.

A safe and competent pilot is a result of careful instruction, a solid knowledge base and sound decision making. Your best alternative is to train with a full time, professional flight instructor, who is committed to YOUR success.

Primary Flight Training

The private pilot certificate is usually the first step in your aviation journey. Earning your private pilot certificate enables you to experience the world from a new perspective. Imagine flying to Monterey for lunch or spending a weekend in Reno with friends without having to drive. You will have mastered the fundamentals of airmanship, navigation, and communication. As a result, you will be given the privilege and responsibility to fly virtually anywhere under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

Advanced Flight Training

Take the next step! The instrument rating adds a whole new arsenal to a pilot’s capability.  Being able to ‘punch through the clouds’, and ‘shoot an approach’ are commonplace to the IFR pilot!  In the pursuit of the ultimate weekend, an IFR rating would allow you to fly through the cloud layers and still get into those destination. Ultimately, an IFR rating makes you a more competent and safer pilot as you use your new found skills to navigate under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

Commercial Ratings

The Commercial Pilot Certificate trains you to a higher degree of skill and ability, in preparation for a professional flying career. As a commercial pilot you can be compensated for your piloting services. During your course you will learn about the privileges and limitations you have as a Commercial Pilot, and receive in depth training in the systems and operation of your aircraft. You will also operate your aircraft to its maximum capabilities in high performance maneuvers, achieving a new level of mastery and safety.

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