"Mach 5 Aviation is an excellent place to learn to fly and is one of the only flight schools with female instructors, which made a big difference in my training. Bob and Nick are great mechanics  ( I A ’s) and always available for advice and superb service on my Piper Cherokee 235.

It is very much a family atmosphere where we all help each other including volunteering for the air shows and pilot programs such as Pilots N Paws. I recently flew a “doggie rescue” with Andrew( one of Mach 5’s very accomplished flight instructors) to Eureka California during IMC conditions. It was a great experience with real IFR flying . In addition to rescuing a pit bull named Harley, I learned so much. 

I would highly recommend Mach 5 to anyone interested in learning to fly an airplane."

—Mary Combs

"Mach 5 Aviation was instrumental in helping me meet my professional aviation goals. The entire team was both professional and fun to work with, and their aircraft are clean and well equipped. It's a good place to be if you want to enjoy the experience of becoming a proficient pilot."

—Andy Massagli

"I knew from the beginning exactly what I was looking for and found the best learning environment in Karen Sutherland. She, like every instructor I flew with, gave me great knowledge and I could really tell the level of professionalism.  Mach 5 exceeded my expectations at every step of the way and I felt no stress during my check ride. I recommend stopping by and seeing for yourself the atmosphere and what they have to offer."  

-Damen Snow

"I fly with Mach 5. Their aircraft are clean and cared for. Their online resources are very organized, complete and current. I have not met anyone associated with Mach 5 that has not been helpful and pleasant. Since 1996 I have either trained or rented with almost every FBO at Sacramento Executive, Lincoln and Auburn. Mach 5 is my favorite. Fly safe!"- Tom O.

Mach 5 is a very professionally run flight school.  I did some of my primary training here and all of my instrument training.  All of the instructors that I have worked with are really helpful, and the planes are maintained in excellent fashion.  I would recommend Mach 5 to anybody looking for a flight school. - Denise K.

Everyone at Mach 5 is very enthusiastic about flying! They have made it such a fun and enjoyable experience for my husband.  Also, everyone has been very professional! 

- Priscilla P.