Meet Our All-Star Instructor Team!

At Mach 5, over a dozen flight instructors pull from their unique career experiences to make sure that students get the absolute most out of training. When you train with Mach 5, you’re flying with experienced, passionate aviators. Among them are fighter pilots, airline captains, corporate pilots, and career instructors.

Dennis Pearson


Dennis is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor and retired F-15C fighter pilot.

Tony Pollizzi

Flight Instructor

Tony is a United States Air Force Academy graduate and pilots with over 5,000 military flight hours and deployments world-wide.

Hailey Traux

Flight Instructor

Hailey is a passionate career instructor, EAA Young Eagles pilot, and proud owner of a J-3 Cub.

Jeff Ebey

Flight Instructor

Jeff's flying career spans 40 years. He's worked for airlines, the FAA, and at a university.

John Kleunker

Flight Instructor

John is a corporate pilot, tailwheel and aerobatic instructor, and awarded "National Top Pilot" in 2001.

Chester Gault

Chief Flight Instructor

Chester has been a flight instructor for 40+ years, and is a United States Air Force veteran and B-787 airline pilot.

Joshua Landry

Flight Instructor

Joshua earned a Physics degree from UC Davis before becoming a flight instructor here at Mach 5!

Bennett Carlson

Flight Instructor

Bennett is a flight instructor and mountain aficionado, from mountain flying to climbing and snowboarding.

Larry Uzelac

Flight Instructor

Larry has been a flight instructor since 1995 and is an experienced tailwheel and glider pilot.

Andrew Moon

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Andrew is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor, corporate jet pilot, and part-time law enforcement pilot.

Mike Richardson

Flight Instructor

Mike comes from a flying family, and started his career after being inspired by his grandfather.

Brandon Kane

Flight Instructor

Brandon learned to fly in Auburn before earning a degree and finishing his training at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Gary Jestice

Flight Instrutor

Gary has over 18,000 flight hours. Along the way, he's been a Chief Pilot, Director of Operations, Designated Pilot Examiner, and more!