Training Course Overview

FAA Requirments for a Private Pilot Certificate:

  • 40 hr. total flight time with 20 hrs. dual instruction with an instructor

    • The National average is about 60 hrs. flight time

    • Mach 5 average is about 50 hrs. flight time

  • 10 hrs. solo with 5 hrs. cross country (more than 50 miles away).

  • 3 hrs. night flying

  • 3 hrs. basic instrument work

  • Medical/Student Pilot Certificate

    • We will refer you to an examiner in your area

    • cost is approximately $90-$120

  • Pass a 60 question knowledge test.

    • With which we can accommodate as a certified PSI CATS testing facility

    • Cost is approximately $150

  • Pass a Practical Test from the FAA-Oral and Flight (approx. $650)

We use the Jeppesen Private Pilot syllabus to ensure that your training is completed efficiently. Generally training includes the following steps:


STAGE 1 - Pre-Solo

In this stage students learn the basic "stick and rudder skills" of flight. This includes takeoffs and landings, upper airwork like stalls and steep turns, ground reference maneuvers and emergency procedures. The completion of this stage includes the initial solo flight: An unforgettable experience!


STAGE 2 - Introduction to Cross Country Flying

After solo, students begin more advanced flying, including short and soft field takeoffs and landings and night flying. Additionally they start flying cross-country with their flight instructor. Cross country flights are journeys of at least 50 nautical miles during which students practice multiple navigation techniques. It is recommended to complete the written test during stage 2.


STAGE 3 - Checkride Preparation

Stage 3 includes solo cross country flights and lots of checkride preparation. Students will go through at least one simulated checkride so they know exactly what to expect on the big day!


There is no "right-way" when it comes to books and supplies for your flight training. We recommend that students purchase the Jeppesen Flight Training kit. But, the materials can also be purchased outside of the kit as needed:


o Pilot Logbook

o Private Pilot Manual

o Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual

o Private Pilot FAA Practical Test Guide

o Private Pilot Airman Knowledge Guide

o Pre-Solo Written Exam

o Student Slide-rule Computer (E6B)

o Private Pilot FAA Practical Study Guide

o PN-1 Navigation Plotter

We half-jokingly call the private pilot's license the "license to learn". After the checkride, we encourage all students to fly with instructors regularly to continue developing their skills. Get a tailwheel endorsement, learn mountain flying or continue on to an instrument rating! The best pilots are always learning something new.

Advanced Flight Training

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